Journey Through French Cinema

Rated 12A by the BBFC


This citizen working and spy, explorer and painter, columnist and adventurer that have described so well as authors, Casanova Gilles Perrault, is it not a beautiful definition of the trade filmmaker that we want to apply to Renoir, Becker, in Vigo Atalante in Duvivier, as well as Truffaut or Demy. A Max Ophuls and also Bresson. And directors lesser known Grangier, GrAville or Sacha, who, at the turn of a scene or a film, illuminate an emotion flush out some surprising truths. I want this film to be an act of gratitude to all those, filmmakers, writers, actors and musicians that have arisen in my life. Memory warming: this film is a bit of coal for the winter nights.

infrequent moderate bad language, nudity
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