Joy Division

  |  Book Tickets: 16/11/2006
  |  Buy to Own: 30/04/2007
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  |  104 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama about a young man conscripted into the KGB in post-war Russia. In the aftermath of WWII Thomas (Thom Schilling) a Russian orphan is forced to battle the Red Army. Fleeing westwards with his love, Astrid, the pair are separated Over the years, due to the intelligence and promise he shows, he's trained as a secret KGB operative and sent to the UK to penetrate a rogue Soviet spy ring in the '60s cold war years. While there, Thomas (Ed Stoppard) falls in love with Yvonne (Michelle Gayle), an English girl. The love, happiness and sense of belonging this gives him as well as an alliance with Dennis (Bernard Hill) an older spy there, for the first time in his life, forces him to reconsider his career. There is, he discovers, a difficulty or two in leaving the job of a spy for the USSR, especially with the British secret police breathing down your neck.

Contains strong language, moderate bloody violence and sexual violence
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