Judas Kiss

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Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama in which a strange encounter convinces a disillusioned film maker he has the chance to re-shape his destiny. Zachary (Charlie David), a failed film maker turned film festival judge, enjoys a one-night stand with a student called Danny (Richard Harmon). The encounter seems less wise the next morning when Zachary learns that Danny has entered the competition he is to judge. Things become yet more complex when Danny reveals that his full name is Danny Reyes, the moniker used by Zachary at film school, and that his film, 'Judas Kiss', has exactly the same title as the one Zachary entered into competition when he was a student. Furthermore, the choice Danny faces between his true love, Chris (Sean Paul Lockhart), and the wealthy Shane (Timo Descamps) mirrors the choice Zachary got so badly wrong himself. Zachary decides that he must intervene to save Danny from making the same mistakes he did, but can life be tampered with in this way?

Contains strong language and sex, and drug and suicide references
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