Juliet Bravo: Series 5

  |  Buy to Own: 14/08/2006
  |  700 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Juliet Bravo: Series 5 Film Poster


Complete fifth series of the British television police drama. Inspector Jean Darblay has been replaced by Inspector Kate Longton (Anna Carteret), who has a similar fight against prejudice from the other officers, as well as a tough time fighting crime. Longton (also known as 'Juliet Bravo' from her call sign, 'JB') has to prove that she has what it takes to run a busy police station. In this series, Longton tracks down some conmen preying on old age pensioners, deals with hostility towards a travelling community encouraged by a local newspaper, and has to deal with a young girl who is convinced she's giong to die on Hallowe'en. Episodes are: 'Attack'; 'There's None So Blind'; 'The Day That the Circus Left Town'; 'Getting Away With It'; 'No Peace'; 'Strike the Father'; 'Lost and Found'; 'Workforce'; 'Hallowe'en'; 'Alibi'; 'Abuse'; 'Ducks in a Row'; 'Resolution'; and 'Flowers Tomorrow'.