Jurassic Triple Pack

  |  Buy to Own: 22/10/2018
  |  267 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of sci-fi action adventures. In 'The Jurassic Games' (2018), set in the near future, ten death row inmates are given the chance to win their freedom by competing against one another on the annual virtual reality TV show 'The Jurassic Games'. The convicts either win or die in the contest that pits the dangerous criminals against a horde of ferocious dinosaurs, but whoever dies in the game is also killed in the real world, ensuring a deadly high-stakes battle to the end. In 'Triassic World' (2018) scientists at Jurassic Labs have succeeded in bringing dinosaurs back from extinction and plan to use them to grow human organs for transplantation. When their experiments start to go wrong, the indestructible dinosaurs escape and are let loose in the research facility to feast on the remaining scientists. If the creatures aren't captured in two hours the security protocol Code 4 will flood the lab with a deadly gas. Will anyone make it out alive? In 'Extinction - Jurassic Predators' (2014) a film crew ventures into the Amazon jungle accompanied by zoology professor John Howson (Ben Loyd-Holmes) to conduct research on rare and endangered creatures. But the team are abandoned by their guide and quickly become lost in the vast rainforest. When they come face-to-face with a prehistoric T-Rex, the group realise they are the new prey of many other Jurassic predators that have survived in the region for thousands of years.