Jurassic Wars - Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda

  |  Buy to Own: 11/07/2016
  |  Watch Now: 12/07/2016
  |  84 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Made-for-TV sci-fi horror. American scientist Dr. Rico Symes (Robert Carradine) makes a biological breakthrough when he successfully combines the DNA of a pterodactyl with a barracuda, creating the ultimate monstrous predator. But his joy is short-lived as his gigantic creature escapes during a test flight, after being hijacked by terrorists, and goes on a violent rampage against the unsuspecting public. Seeing no other way to stop his rogue creation, Symes enlists the help of marine biologist Lorena Christmas (Katie Savoy) who has just hatched the only offspring of the original sharktopus...