Just Married Shallow Hal Dude, Where's My Car?

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  271 min
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Triple bill of American comedies. In 'Just Married' (2003), radio reporter Tom (Ashton Kutcher) and aspiring novelist Sarah (Brittany Murphy) fall in love, and at first it seems that nothing in the world can come between them - not even the disapproval of their friends and family. Sarah and Tom soon get married and head off for a month-long dream honeymoon in Italy, but bad luck and Sarah's jealous ex-boyfriend conspire to create havoc wherever the happy couple go. It's not long before the newlyweds begin to suspect that their honeymoon might last longer than their marriage. In 'Shallow Hal' (2001), Hal Larson is a typical Joe Blow when it comes to his aspirations for a date. She must be magazine beautiful - and who cares about her personality? He keeps an eye out for the ladies when down the bar with his longterm buddy Mauricio (Jason Alexander), but somehow the A-list beauties just aren't attracted to sloblike Hal. But after a chance meeting with (real-life) management guru Anthony Robbins, Hal is hypnotised so that he can see the 'inner' beauty in other people - and bingo! he starts seeing the obese as thin and attractive. He then strikes up a relationship with the seemingly beautiful Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), who in fact weighs over three hundred pounds. His friends aren't sure what to make of this strange turn in Hal's life and resolve to bring him back from his hypnotic reverie, with unexpected results. In 'Dude, Where's My Car?' (2000), Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester (Seann William Scott) are two half-witted stoners who wake up one morning to find their car has gone missing - and they cannot remember where they left it. The only clues are a matchbox cover from the Kitty Kat strip joint, and a fridge full of munchies. They must now retrace their steps and soon both are in for the ride of their lives as they encounter alien chicks and killer ostriches whilst trying to score 'special treats' from their unhappy girlfriends.