K-20 - The Legend of the Black Mask

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  |  132 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
K-20 - The Legend of the Black Mask Film Poster


Japanese superhero adventure from writer-director Shimako Sato. Imagining an alternative past, the action takes place in a Japan of 1949 where WWII never took place. In order to achieve world domination, arch thief K-20 - 'the fiend with 20 faces', sets out on a plan to steal the latest energy beam generator created by renowned inventor Nikola Tesla. To divert attention, he frames a lowly circus performer Hekichi Endo (Takeshi Kaneshiro) to take the rap for his crimes. When Endo is sentenced to death and subsequently escapes, he realises that in order to bring the thief to justice and clear his name, he must take on K20's identity and get to the generator first.

Contains moderate violence
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