|  Book Tickets: 14/12/2007
  |  146 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Kabadayi Film Poster


Turkish crime drama starring Sener Sen as Ali Osman, a retired 'godfather'-type figure (known as a 'kabadayi') in Istanbul who now lives a quiet life running a synthetic football pitch. His life changes when he receives a call from a past love, Afet (Selma Kutlu). On her deathbed, she asks to see him once more before she dies. She tells Ali they have a grown-up son, Murat (Ismail Haciogliu). When it emerges that Murat and his girlfriend Karaca (Asli Tandogan) are in serious trouble with a powerful gang, Ali decides to bring his old associates together one last time to save his son.

Contains strong violence and hard drug use
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