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Rated 15 by the BBFC


The Taviani brothers direct this comedy drama based on four stories by Luigi Pirandello set in 19th-century Sicily. In 'The Other Son' a mother is missing her two sons who have moved to America. She does not have the same affections for her third son who remains at home and does his best to please his mother but the reason for her indifference soon becomes evident. In 'Moonsickness' new bride Sidora (Enrica Maria Modugno) discovers too late that her husband may be a werewolf. As a consolation he allows her to have the attractive Saro (Massimo Bonetti) as a companion when there is a full moon. In 'The Jar' a wealthy landlord purchases a big jar to keep his olive oil in but it breaks under suspicious circumstances and he sends for Zi' Dima (Franco Franchi) to fix it. The repair man manages to get trapped inside the mended jar, however, and its owner is unwilling to help him out. In 'Requiem' a group of farmers attempt to get permission from the landowner to bury their dead nearby as opposed to the nearest town which is a long distance away. In the fictional epilogue, 'Conversing With Mother', Pirandello (Omero Antonutti)'s mother tells him about her journey to Malta as a child to see her exiled father.

strong gory images, sexualised nudity
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