Kelly Reichardt Collection

  |  257 min
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Collection of films directed by Kelly Reichardt. 'Old Joy' (2006) stars Daniel London and Will Oldham in a story that explores the need to hang on to the spirit of youth in an increasingly complex world. When former friends, Kurt (Oldham) and Mark (London), both now in their 30s, re-connect on a trip to the wilderness, they realise that whatever differences they had when they were young seem to have disappeared over time. As the pair recount old times and discuss the differing paths their lives have taken, they begin to see why it's important to stay in touch. 'Wendy and Lucy' (2008) stars Michelle Williams as Wendy who, along with her dog Lucy, decides to drive her old Honda to Alaska in the hope of turning her life around with a well-paid summer job at a fishing cannery. However, when the car breaks down in rural Oregon, Wendy is forced to make a series of difficult choices and rely on the residents of the small town to help her out of her increasingly desperate situation. 'Meek's Cutoff' (2010) is a Western set in 1845, following three families as they venture across the Oregon Trail with hopes of finding a better life in the Pacific Northwest. Their already treacherous journey becomes even more gruelling when their guide, mountaineer Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood), insists on taking an alternative route which he believes to be shorter. When the group gets horriby lost however, they end up placing their trust in a Native American (Rod Rondeaux) they meet on the way.