Kill Me Three Times

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  |  86 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Simon Pegg stars as a professional hitman in this black comedy thriller. In Eagle's Nest, Australia, Jack Taylor (Callan Mulvey) believes his wife Alice (Alice Braga) is cheating on him and hires private investigator and contract killer Charlie Wolfe (Pegg) to take her out. But before he can carry out the job, Alice, after robbing Jack's safe, is kidnapped and sent over the edge of a cliff in a flaming car by her dentist Nathan Webb (Sullivan Stapleton) and his wife Lucy (Teresa Palmer). While Charlie returns to Jack to collect his fee, Nathan and Lucy set their ambitious plan in motion to collect Alice's insurance payout. Charlie also tries to blackmail Nathan for killing Alice but with conflicting loyalties amongst the characters will anyone live long enough to come away with the cash?

strong bloody violence, strong language, sex
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