Killers And Thrillers: Da Vinci Code Panic Room Jagged Edge ...

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Set of six thrillers. 'The Da Vinci Code' (2006) is based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown. When respected American religious symbology expert Dr. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is summoned to the Louvre by the French version of the FBI, led by Captain Bezu Fache (Jean Reno), he soon discovers that he is the prime suspect for the murder of a historian Langdon had been scheduled to meet with. Assisted by a French cryptographer and government agent named Sophie (Audrey Tautou), Langdon is challenged to decipher a chain of cryptic codes and puzzles, all the while trying to stay ahead of Fache's lawmen in a chase through the Louvre, and out into the Parisian cityscape, and finally across the channel to England. Can Langdon and Sophie decipher the nature of a secret dating back to Leonardo Da Vinci, and earlier, before those responsible for the historian's murder add them to their hit list? In 'Panic Room' (2002), Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her teenage daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) move into a luxury Manhattan townhouse where they have no plans to use the ultra-secure 'panic room' installed by the previous occupant. But on their first night in their new home, three burglars break in with plans to steal the money they believe is still concealed in the panic room's safe. Meg and Sarah then quickly take refuge in the secure chamber, locking themselves in and watching the burglars through the surveillance system; what follows is a tense cat-and-mouse game, as the criminals attempt to unlock the room and the mother and daughter try to signal for help. In 'Jagged Edge' (1985), newspaper editor Jack Forrester (Jeff Bridges) is accused of murdering his wife. Lawyer Teddy Barnes (Glenn Close) believes he is innocent and agrees to defend him. Working closely together on the case, the pair soon begin an affair, but when Teddy and her investigator Sam (Robert Loggia) start to turn up more and more evidence implicating Jack in the crime, she finds her own personal feelings coming into conflict with her wish to see justice done. 'The Bourne Supremacy' (2004) is the second instalment of the espionage trilogy starring Matt Damon, based on the novel by Robert Ludlum. Having abandoned his life as a CIA assassin, Bourne (Damon) has left his violent past behind him and is living a normal life with girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente) under an assumed name. But his plans for a peaceful life are crushed when he narrowly escapes an assassination attempt. Now hunted by an unknown enemy, Bourne must prove once again that he is not an easy target. In 'Inside Man' (2006), Denzel Washington plays tough cop Keith Frazier, who finds himself drawn into a tense hostage situation when master criminal Dalton Russell's (Clive Owen) planned bank heist goes drastically wrong. Trying to negotiate the release of the hostages, Frazier begins to realise that something isn't quite right with the whole set up, and when the enigmatic 'fixer' Madeline White (Foster) arrives on the scene, he realises that he's stumbled onto something a lot bigger. 'Out of Sight' (1998) is an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel. Bank robber Jack Foley (George Clooney) is forced to kidnap federal agent Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez) while breaking out of prison. The two feel a strong sexual attraction for each other, but Karen still takes the opportunity to escape when it arises. Jack teams up with his old partner, Buddy (Ving Rhames), and they plan one last job together in Detroit. Intending to rob the mansion of millionaire Richard Ripley (Albert Brooks), the duo still have Karen on their tail, and also face competition from ex-con Glenn Michaels (Steve Zahn) and the psychopathic Maurice 'Snoopy' Miller (Don Cheadle).