Killjoy: 1-4

  |  Buy to Own: 19/01/2015
  |  313 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of four films about Killjoy, a deadly clown who cleanses the streets of an inner city hellhole of villains. In the first 'Killjoy' (2000), beautiful high school student Jada (Vera Yell) has need of the harlequin horror's murderous services but she begins to wonder just what his motivations might be... In the sequel 'Killjoy 2 - Deliverance from Evil' (2002), a group of street kids are being taken out of the city by their detention officers to renovate a building as part of their community service when their vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Whilst trying to find a phone, one of the kids is shot by a local and the group seeks refuge in a house owned by a voodoo priestess. However, this is just the beginning of a nightmare as, when they begin to fool around with the voodoo paraphernalia in the house, they manage to bring Killjoy (Trent Haaga), the deadly clown, back... In 'Killjoy 3' (2010), the evil clown is again resurrected only to be sucked back into his realm. But Killjoy is still able to have his fun as he raises three other demon clowns to help him transport unsuspecting victims to the realm where they face sinister trials. In the fourth instalment 'Killjoy Goes to Hell' (2012), the demonic clown is made to stand trial in the underworld for not being scary enough. But will he able to talk himself out of eternal damnation and the stripping of his powers?