King Arthur's Sword

  |  84 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
King Arthur's Sword Film Poster


Action directed by Jared Cohn. King Arthur (Byron Gibson) and Merlin (Harold Diamond) banished the evil Morgana (Sara Malakul Lane) and her son Mordred (Russell Geoffrey Banks) in order to save the kingdom of Camelot. Eventually the sorceress returns however and is determined to claim her vengeance upon the descendants of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. One such descendant, Penn (Eoin O'Brien), has grown up without believing in the ancient myths of his ancestors despite his family still holding true to their traditions. But Morgana's return forces Penn to face the truth of who he is, wield the power of Excalibur and assemble a new order of knights to defend the world against Morgana's wrath.