Kingpin Boat Trip One Night At McCool's

  |  Buy to Own: 31/10/2005
  |  304 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing three popular comedy movies. In 'Kingpin' (1996), Woody Harrelson plays a former bowling champ who lost his hand thanks to the double-crossing Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray). Reduced to a small-time hustler with a walnut-whip hairdo, Harrelson gets a chance to improve his circumstances when he comes across talented Amish lad, Ishmael (Randy Quaid), and, together with the beautiful Claudia (Vanessa Angel), they head out to beat the now also dodgily-coiffed McCracken in the national bowling championship. In 'Boat Trip' (2002), recently dropped by his girlfriend Felicia (Vivica A. Fox), Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr) decides to accompany his friend Nick (Horatio Sanz) on a pleasure cruise. Their hopes of meeting women are encouraged by the fact that the Swedish women's tanning team are on board; but while Nick pursues championship sunbather Inga (Victoria Silvstedt), Jerry himself becomes attracted to dance instructor Gabriella (Roselyn Sanchez), even if he does have to pretend to be gay in order to spend time with her. Things then become even more difficult for the hapless Jerry when Felicia arrives on board, determined to win him back. In 'One Night at McCool's (2000) on an ordinary night, in an ordinary part of town, a beautiful young woman walks into a bar. Her name is Jewel (Liv Tyler) and before long she is chatting to bartender Randy (Matt Dillon). The pair leave together, but he ends up getting in a tussle with her criminal boyfriend, who she then shoots dead and subsequently persuades Randy to take the rap for her. But this isn't the end of it; both Randy's cousin Carl (Paul Reiser) and the detective assigned to the case (John Goodman) also fall for Jewel's charms and soon find themselves caught up in the ensuing events. It seems that any man who meets Jewel falls instantly in love with her, and she's going to use this fully to her own advantage, leaving a trail of havoc in her wake. It also seems that she is going to get away with it - that is, until Randy decides to hire hitman Mr Burmeister (Michael Douglas).