Knight Rider 2000 - The Movie

  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Knight Rider 2000 - The Movie Film Poster


Sci-fi action feature directed by Alan J. Levi and starring David Hasselhoff. In the year 2000 handguns are banned, with police using weapons to freeze rather than kill criminals. However, some handguns are still being used illegally to kill members of the police force. Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) is called out of retirement to deal with the wrongdoers but his invaluable AI companion KITT, 'Knight Industries Two Thousand', has been deactivated to make way for a new model. In his attempts to reactivate and fight crime with KITT once again, Michael discovers that KITT's memory chip has ended up in another person's mind and that a sinister conspiracy is at play.