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  |  81 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
KOMA Film Poster


Hans lives in a small town near Vienna. Profession: taxi driver. Married. One son. Hans has a secret. It will tear his family apart. There is only one person he can return to: a woman from the past. At first, the film shows a petty bourgeois life: family stress during the preparation of a birthday, invited guests coming too early, the beginning of the party. Only the man celebrating his 50th jubilee does not appear. He leaves his car and strolls through the forest. When he eventually comes back home, there is nothing more to say. So he runs away. To save what is left. KOMA indicates the main characters’ condition – especially Hans’s, who gives a frail image of the head of a family and of a father: He is a taxi driver, but you never see him driving a client, it’s his birthday, but he doesn’t participate in the party, and so on. It’s one single contradiction. This father has to awake form his coma and go through different hells, his underworlds, to get to where he actually belongs.