La Guerre Est Finie

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  |  117 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
La Guerre Est Finie Film Poster


One of Alain Resnais' most accessible films, it spans three days in the life of an ageing and tired Spanish revolutionary living in Paris and working with the anti-fascist underground. Diego is beginning to question the effectiveness of his part in the continuing struggle against Franco and is becoming increasingly isolated. Returning from a disastrous mission in Madrid, where colleagues have been arrested and imprisoned, Diego is stopped at the frontier while using another man's passport. When the police telephone the man's home, his daughter, Nadine (Genevieve Bujold in her debut), answers the call as though Diego were her father. Rejected by his revolutionary masters and despite his desire to return to Spain as a civilian with his lover Marianne, Diego finds himself implicated in Nadine's own extremist revolutionary group thus endangering both himself and Marianne as he is forced to make his final mission to Madrid. Jorge Semprun's script was Oscar-nominated.