La Planete Sauvage

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  |  72 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Animated 1970s science fiction classic based on a novel by Stefan Wul. There is a sharp class division on the planet Ygam. The ruling race, the Draags, subjugate the smaller, humanoid species, the Oms, and use them as slaves and pets. Terr (voice of Eric Baugin), a young Om, is orphaned when his mother is killed accidentally by a group of careless Draag children. One such child, Tiwa (Jennifer Drake), takes pity on the helpless Terr and adopts him as her pet. However, as he grows older Terr becomes discontented with life as Tiwa's plaything and runs away. Finding refuge with a number of 'savage' Oms in the wilderness, he attempts to spark a revolt that will eliminate the Draags' monopoly on power.

Contains moderate fantasy violence and natural nudity
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