Lady Thrillers

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Collection of made-for-TV crime dramas. 'At Risk' (2010), adapted from Patricia Cornwell's bestselling novel, stars Andie MacDowell as District Attorney Monique Lamont who hopes to secure the position of governor by solving a murder that took place in Tennessee 20 years ago. Utilising advanced DNA technology and an upcoming crime scheme called 'At Risk', Monique begins her investigation. As she starts to dig deeper however, the case proves to be extremely dangerous and it doesn't look like it's going to get any easier... The sequel, 'The Front' (2010), sees MacDowell reprise her role as Monique who is still trying to get ahead in her career. Seeing an opportunity, she teams up with investigator Win Garano (Daniel Sunjata) and Detective Stump (Ashley Williams) to explore the possibility that the Boston Strangler was involved in an unsolved murder that took place 40 years earlier. The case, however, leaves Monique and her colleagues in grave danger. Finally, 'Carnal Innocence' (2011), adapted from the novel by Nora Roberts, follows the story of renowned violinist Caroline Waverly (Gabrielle Anwar) as she returns to her hometown seeking a quiet life. While there she meets her neighbour, Tucker Longstreet (Colin Egglesfield), and they soon fall for each other. When two women are found murdered however, Tucker becomes the prime suspect in the investigation and Caroline finds her life in turmoil.