|  Buy to Own: 12/08/2013
  |  78 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Laserblast Film Poster


Late 1970s sci-fi feature about a teenager who encounters an extra-terrestrial weapon and finds himself transforming into a murderous alien. Having been left to his own devices by his mother who has gone on vacation, Billy (Kim Milford) goes to see his girlfriend Kathy (Cheryl Smith) but is given a hard time by her grandfather who has taken a disliking to him. His day gets even worse when he encounters two bullies and is issued with a speeding ticket by the police. He heads out into the desert where he comes across a laser cannon and a special pendant that enables its wearer to fire the weapon. After playing around with the laser, the pendant starts to affect him - his skin turns green and he goes off on a murderous rampage. Kathy and government agent Tony (Gianni Russo) go in search of Billy, but he is already being hunted by two aliens eager to destroy the cannon and its user...

Contains strong threat, violence and soft drug use
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