Laughter On Parade

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  |  337 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of British war comedies. In 'Josser in the Army' (1932) Ernest Lotinga stars as Tommy Josser, a distinctly unheroic Englishman serving in France during the war. When he ends up impersonating a German general, chaos ensues and Josser gets himself into all sorts of trouble. In 'On the Fiddle' (1961), in the midst of WWII layabout Cockney Horace Pope (Alfred Lynch) finds himself forced to enlist in the war effort after one of his schemes backfires. In the RAF he strikes up a friendship with Pedlar Pascoe (Sean Connery) and the pair hatch a cunning plan to avoid being sent to the front lines. How will they react when the peril of war finally catches up with them? In 'Operation Bullshine' (1959) the handsome Lieutenant Gordon Brown (Donald Sinden) is in charge of an anti-aircraft battery on the English coast staffed by women from the Auxiliary Territorial Service and naturally draws the attention of a number of the women posted there. Complicating matters is the fact that Brown's wife, Betty (Barbara Murray), is also based at the facility, but is forced to conceal the fact that she's married to her commanding officer to avoid being transferred. Will Betty be able to hold her silence as she watches women throw themselves at her husband? Finally, in 'Joey Boy' (1965) a bunch of East London black marketeers are forced to volunteer for the army during WWII. The gang, led by Joey Boy Thompson (Harry H. Corbett) and Rabbit Malone (Reg Varney), opt for military service in order to avoid a spell in jail. However, conscription carries with it numerous pitfalls, and the gang seem to be experts at falling into them.