Laurel and Hardy: Love and Marriage

  |  Buy to Own: 24/09/2018
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A collection of classic Laurel & Hardy shorts and films based around love and marriage. In Beau Hunks a failed romance prompts Ollie to join the Foreign Legion, taking Stan with him. Another classic silent, Should Married Men Go Home? demonstrates once again how Mr. Laurel could disrupt the home life of Mr. and Mrs. Hardy! In The Fixer-Uppers, greeting-card salesmen Stan and Ollie agree to help a woman whose husband has been neglecting her. To arouse the husband's jealousy, Ollie poses as her lover -and is challenged to a duel! In Blotto, Stan needs to contrive an excuse to spend a night out wth Ollie. Mrs. Laurel overhears their plans but decides to go along with them, but not before replacing their bottle of genuine booze - this being Prohibition era - with an entirely different mixture!