Let My People Go

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  |  84 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Let My People Go Film Poster


Gay-themed farcical comedy directed by Mikael Buch. Jewish gay man Ruben (Nicolas Maury) lives with his lover Teemu (Jarkko Niemi) in a lakeside cabin in Finland. When a mishap at work involving a parcel full of money finds Ruben thrown out of his home and made to return to Paris for Passover with his family, Ruben's fairytale world is turned upside down. While he tries his hardest to avoid numerous advances by the much older man Maurice Goldberg (Jean-Luc Bideau) and becomes an unwitting confidant to his lothario father (Jean-François Stévenin), Ruben is left wondering if there is a happy ending for him or if he is being condemned to a life of absurd drama.

Contains strong language and sex
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