Lethal Weapon Mad Max We Were Soldiers

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  |  325 min
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Triple bill of Mel Gibson films. In 'Lethal Weapon' (1987), Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is a family man cop who is about to turn 50. Cautious by nature, he is less than happy to be paired with Martin Riggs (Gibson) when he is assigned to investigate Californian drug baron 'The General' (Mitchell Ryan). Following the death of his wife, Riggs has become a manic loner who no longer cares whether he lives or dies; an approach which causes more than a few problems as he and Murtaugh attempt to bring the General to justice. 'Mad Max' (1979), set sometime after an apocalyptic war, depicts a world in which the police have their hands full fighting roving motorcycle gangs. When the wife and child of cop Max (Gibson) are murdered by one of the gangs, he sets out to get revenge. Gibson stars as Colonel Hal Moore in 'We Were Soldiers' (2002), a big-budget war movie telling the true story of the Battle of Landing Zone X-Ray. In 1965, Colonel Moore's men arrive in the highlands of South Vietnam ready to carry out a search-and-destroy mission. But, thanks to a fault in military intelligence, they disembark near a large North Vietnamese army base and soon find themselves surrounded. What follows is a three-day battle resulting in massive casualties for both sides.