Little Voice

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  |  93 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


'Little Voice' (Jane Horrocks) is a social introvert, unwilling to communicate with the outside world since the death of her father. Her only escape from the drudgery of her existence is through singing classic showtunes in the style of her glamourous heroes. When a sleazy showbiz agent (Michael Caine) overhears her singing, he is determined to make her a star and become rich in the process. But despite all his charm and promises, Little Voice is reluctant to take to the stage, preferring to talk to telephone engineer Billy (Ewan McGregor) and stay at home. However, as the pressure on her to perform grows, will she be able to resist the lure of showbiz? Michael Caine won a Golden Globe for his performance.

Contains strong language
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