Live: Frankenstein

  |  Book Tickets: 18/05/2016
  |  225 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Live: Frankenstein Film Poster


When Victor Frankenstein pushed the limits of scientific discovery, he had no idea of the havoc he would wreak upon the world around him. Breathing life into his hideous creature, he started a chain of events that would ultimately lead to total disaster and chaos. Following his creature through Europe’s darkest corners, Victor cannot stop what he has started, and the lines between human and monster become more blurred as the tale unfolds. Mary Shelley’s classic tale is regarded as one of the most pivotal novels ever written, and has inspired many works of art since its publication in the early 19th century. Now transformed into a stunning ballet by choreographer Liam Scarlett, Frankenstein is performed here by the Royal Opera House, giving new audiences the opportunity to fall in love with this Gothic tale of tragedy.