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  |  74 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Longhorns Film Poster


Gay-themed sex comedy in which an avowedly straight man remains determined to fight his feelings for men even as circumstances conspire to throw temptation his way. Kevin (Jacob Newton) is a typical 1980s frat-boy, or so he tells himself as he tries not to notice Cesar (Derek Villanueva), an openly gay friend, and boasts about his fling with cheerleader Camille (Sophia Revelli). But something isn't right with Kevin. When his friends, Steve (Dylan Vox) and Daniel (Stephen Matzke), invite him on a weekend away at a remote cabin it seems like it might be just the thing to reassure Kevin of his straightness - a group of girls are set to join them at the cabin. However, when the girls' car breaks down, the three friends find themselves stuck at the cabin by themselves and events take an unlikely turn. The romantic impulses of the boys begin to focus on each other and Kevin is finally forced to confront his desires.