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  |  103 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Lou! Film Poster


Julien Neel directs this French live-action comedy adapted from his comic book series. Lou (Lola Lasseron) is a 12-year-old girl who gets on well with her single mother (Ludivine Sagnier), despite the fact that she often acts more immature than her daughter. While Lou spends time with her friends and tries to pluck up the courage to talk to the boy she loves, Tristan (Joshua Mazé), her mum, who gave up any chance of romance to care for her child, becomes enamoured with their new neighbour Richard (Kyan Khojandi). There are a few awkward and embarrassing moments as both mother and daughter hope to win the affections of their respective crushes.

infrequent strong language, moderate sex references
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