Love Life

  |  Buy to Own: 10/02/2003
  |  95 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Love Life Film Poster


Romantic comedy about a man who spends too much time having fun and not enough time growing up. After having a one night stand with Ally (Galit Herschkovitz), Scott (Des Backhouse-Brady) finds out she is pregnant. He suggests an abortion and Ally initially agrees but Scott cannot face the abortion clinic and leaves Ally to go through the ordeal by herself. Ally has a change of heart and decides to keep the baby. Several years later, Scott runs into Ally and finds out she has had his son, Daniel, and is doing very well. Scott moves to London in an attempt to earn acknowledgment from his child and respect from Ally. His resolve and character are put to the test several times, but has he changed enough for Ally to give him a second chance?