Lovejoy: The Complete Collection

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  |  3776 min
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All six series of the popular British television drama about the disreputable antiques dealer, played by Ian McShane, and co-starring Phyllis Logan, Caroline Langrishe, Dudley Sutton and Malcolm Tierney. The first series' episodes are: 'The Firefly Cage'; 'The Axeman Cometh'; 'The Sting'; 'Friends, Romans and Enemies'; 'The Judas Pair'; 'To Sleep No More'; 'The Real Thing'; 'The March of Time'; 'Death and Venice (Part 1)' and 'Death and Venice (Part 2)'. Episodes from series two are: 'Just Desserts'; 'The Italian Venus'; 'Bin Diving'; 'Montezuma's Revenge'; 'Who Dares, Sings'; 'One Born Every Minute'; 'National Wealth'; 'Sugar and Spice'; 'Raise the Hispanic'; 'Lily's Pearls' and 'The Black Virgin of Vladimir'. Episodes from series three are: 'Friends in High Places'; 'Out to Lunch'; 'No Strings'; 'Angel Trousers'; 'The Benin Bronze'; 'Eric of Arabia'; 'Scotch On the Rocks'; 'Loveknots'; 'Smoke Your Nose'; 'Kids'; 'Members Only'; 'Highland Fling (Part 1)' and Highland Fling (Part 2). Episodes from series four are: 'The Prague Sun'; 'The Napoleonic Commode'; 'The Ring'; 'Second Fiddle'; 'The Colour of Money'; 'Fly the Flag'; 'Judgement of Solomon'; 'The Galloping Major'; 'God Helps Those'; 'They Call Me Midas'; 'Irish Stew'; 'Dainty Dish'; 'Taking the Pledge' and 'Lovejoy Loses It'. Episodes from series five are: 'Pig in a Poke'; 'Who is the Fairest of Them All?'; 'A Going Concern', 'The Kakiemon Tiger'; 'Three Men and a Brittle Lady'; 'Ducking and Diving'; 'Stones of Destiny'; 'Poetic License'; 'The Peking Gun'; 'Goose Bumps'; 'Swings and Roundabouts'; 'Never Judge a Book By Its Cover'; 'The Price of Fish' and 'The Lost Colony'. Episodes from series six are: 'Fair Exchange'; 'Day of Reckoning'; 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'; 'Double Edged Sword'; 'Guns and Roses'; 'The Last of the Uzkoks'; 'Breaking the Broker'; 'Fruit of the Dessert'; 'Holding the Baby' and 'Last Tango in Lavenham'.