Lover's Prayer

  |  Buy to Own: 23/04/2007
  |  101 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Lover's Prayer Film Poster


Coming of age drama set in 1800's Russia, starring Kirsten Dunst and Nick Stahl. Vladimir (Stahl) is the son of middle class parents who take summer residence next door to the house where Zinaida (Dunst) lives with her hard-drinking mother, the Princess Zasyekin (Julie Walters). Hired as page to the neighbours, Vladimir soon falls head over heels for Zinaida. She, however, has a string of suitors falling over themselves for a sniff of her perfume and mostly they're more moneyed and sophisticated than the green lad. Realising he has a way to go before being fit for such a lady of breeding - Vlad begins to spy on Zinaida day and night. What he discovers about the delicate, pure Zinaida's nocturnal to-ings and fro-ings, he could scarcely have predicted.

Contains mild language and sex references
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