MacGyver: Season 1

  |  Buy to Own: 30/08/2010
  |  945 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Complete first season of the 1980s TV series. MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), adventurer and science expert, works for the government as a secret agent. Refusing on principle to carry a gun, he uses his vast knowledge of practical science to complete his missions and to create ingenious traps for his enemies. In this series, MacGyver struggles to keep one step ahead of a hitman assigned to kill him, is drugged by enemy agents to make him recover some documents, and works with an old friend to defuse a series of bombs hidden onboard an oceanliner. Includes all 21 episodes: 'The Golden Triangle'; 'Thief of Budapest'; 'The Gauntlet'; 'The Heist'; 'Trumbo's World'; 'Last Stand'; 'Hellfire'; 'The Prodigal'; 'Target MacGyver'; 'Nightmares'; 'Deathlock'; 'Flame's End'; 'Countdown'; 'The Enemy Within'; 'Every Time She Smiles'; 'To Be a Man'; 'Ugly Duckling'; 'Slow Death'; 'The Escape'; 'A Prisoner of Conscience' and 'The Assassin'.