Macross II: Super Dimensional Fortress

  |  Buy to Own: 19/03/2001
  |  165 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All six episodes from the second series of 'Macross'. In 'Contact', reporter Hibiki Kanzaki finds his life changed when an invading alien force enters the solar system and he has to cover the story - an assignment which leads him to meet the mysterious alien woman Ishtar. In 'Ishtar', Hibiki returns to Earth with Ishtar and tries to teach her about his culture, but another alien plans a rescue attempt. 'Festival' finds Ishtar trying to discover more about the fortress of Macross, resulting in her being attacked by the alien Marduk. 'Marduk Disorder' sees Hibiki tortured by the aliens while Ishtar undergoes a 'purification'. 'Station Break' has Captain Balzae defending the UN Spacy against a Marduk attack and Hibilki imprisoned for revealing the truth about the invasion. Finally, 'Sing Along' sees Silvie persuade Exxegran to let her use the MACROSS in a desperate assault against the Marduk flagship.