Macross Plus: The Ultimate Edition

  |  Buy to Own: 05/07/2004
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple pack containing all four episodes of the 'Macross Plus' series and 'Macross Plus: The Movie'. In 'Macross Plus: Part 1' the Ministry of Defence tests and develops a new advanced defence to counter alien attacks. Isamu Dyson is an extrovert jet fighter maverick assigned as a new test pilot on project Super Nova. Competition hots up when he discovers that his old rival Guld is test pilot for the competing project. The arrival of Myung, a mutual ex-girlfriend adds more tension. Whilst in 'Part 2', Sharon Apple is still packing them in for sell-out concerts. Amongst her fans are computer hackers Isamu, Lucy and Yang. They find themselves up against their old rivals in the air, while Isamu fights for the affections of Myung. 'Part 3' sees the rivalry between hotshot renegade Isamu and ice cool half-breed Guld reaching boiling point. Meanwhile the computer-generated pop star, Sharon Apple, is starting to become self-aware. Finally, in 'Part 4', Isamu and Yang set out for Earth ready to battle the Valkyrie, and are closely followed by Guld. Sharon Apple meanwhile gains control of Macross City and the minds of its citizens, and dispatches the Ghost X-9 after Isamu and Guld. Also includes 'Macross Plus: The Movie', a compendium edition containing all four episodes plus 20 minutes of additional material used to establish continuity.