Mad Money

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  |  99 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Mad Money Film Poster


Crime comedy starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah. When two bored bank clerks, Nina (Latifah) and Jackie (Holmes), become embroiled in a heist along with career mother-turned-cleaner Bridget (Keaton), the unlikely alliance changes all three women's lives forever. The women all have very different reasons for needing the cash: Bridget is trying to maintain the comfortable, upper-middle-class lifestyle that her husband (Ted Danson) can no longer fund after being downsized from his job; hard-working single mother Nina is doing her best to keep her two sons out of trouble despite their surroundings; and exuberant free spirit Jackie is doing her own thing and chasing the dreams that have always seemed to be just outwith her reach. But can they stay ahead of the law - and remain friends - for long enough to fulfil their ambitions?

Contains moderate sex and drug references and language
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