Man In A Suitcase: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 29/08/2005
  |  1500 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Man In A Suitcase: The Complete Series Film Poster


Complete edition of the classic ITC detective drama, starring Richard Bradford as McGill, the ex-CIA agent reduced to working as a gun-for-hire and private investigator. Frequently coming into conflict with the people who hire him due to his uncompromising sense of honour and integrity, McGill finds himself tangling with crooked governments, hunting down the man who framed him, tracking down a stolen painting, and drawn back into the world of espionage with an assignment in East Germany. Includes all 30 episodes: 'Man From the Dead'; 'All That Glitters'; 'Sweet Sue'; 'The Bridge'; 'Find the Lady'; 'Brainwash'; 'The Girl Who Never Was'; 'Variation on a Million Bucks (Part 1)'; 'Variation on a Million Bucks (Part 2)'; 'Day of Execution'; 'Web With Four Spiders'; 'Blind Spot'; 'The Boston Square'; 'Jigsaw Man'; 'The Sitting Pigeon'; 'The Man Who Stood Still'; 'Somebody Loses, Somebody...Wins?'; 'Dead Man's Shoes'; 'The Whisper'; 'Essay in Evil'; 'Why They Killed Nolan'; 'Burden of Proof'; 'Who's Mad Now?'; 'Property of a Gentleman'; 'No Friend of Mine'; 'Which Way Did He Go, McGill?'; 'The Revolutionaries'; 'Three Blinks of the Eyes'; 'Castle in the Clouds' and 'Night Flight to Andorra'.