Manga in Motion

  |  Buy to Own: 29/12/2003
  |  282 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of live-action films based on mangas. 'City Hunter' (1993) is a typical slice of slapstick comedy and martial arts action starring Jackie Chan. Womanising crime-fighter Ryô Seaba (Chan) is assigned to track down a Japanese heiress. His investigations lead him to a sea-bound ocean liner, but once on board, he finds he has more to contend with than a simple kidnapping case: the liner is about to be hijacked by terrorists - and he is the only man who can foil their dastardly plot. 'The Story of Ricky' (1992) is a wildly bloody and violent prison-set action film, based on the Japanese manga strip Riki-Oh. When young Riki-Oh (Sui-Wong Fan) is sentenced to 20 years in jail for manslaughter, the ruthless opium-running gangsters who control the prison get more than they bargained for. On entering the prison, Ricky witnesses the guards assaulting an old man who later hangs himself in despair, and Ricky vows to avenge his death. Blood, guts and every other body part you can think of proceed to fly about the screen as Ricky takes his brutal and gruesome revenge. In 'Dragon From Russia' (1990), a former member of a band of criminals known as the 'Eight-Hundred Dragons' is living in fear in Manchuria, as the clan does not allow people to leave alive. However, he is eventually tracked down, and kidnapped along with a young Manchurian, Yao; whose memory is erased so that he can be trained in martial arts. However, Yao's work as an assassin becomes more complicated when he sees his old lover again, and his real memories come flooding back.