Mannequin Class

  |  Buy to Own: 28/07/2008
  |  183 min
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Two popular 1980s comedy movies starring Andrew McCarthy. In 'Mannequin' (1987), McCarthy plays a department store window dresser. One night, whilst working on a window, one of the mannequins comes to life and reveals itself to be a woman (Kim Catrall) from ancient Egypt. This woman then inspires him to create the most amazing window displays (and fall in love with her), prompting a rival store to find out where the window dresser's ideas are coming from. In 'Class' (1983), fresh-faced country boy Jonathan (McCarthy) arrives by scholarship to study among the super-elite at a posh preparatory school. His roommate is the devilishly arrogant Skip (Rob Lowe) who, upon learning of Jonathan's inexperience in worldy matters, decides to make it his mission to educate his new comrade in the ways of women. When Jonathan is dispatched to Chicago, he winds up having a brief fling with Ellen (Jacqueline Bisset), a beautiful older woman who ends the nascent affair upon learning that Jonathan is only 17-years-old. However, when Jonathan finishes the semester and is invited to badboy Skip's family home for Christmas, he discovers that Ellen is Skip's mother and, to complicate matters even further, Ellen wants Jonathan back.