Maori Boy Genius

  |  Book Tickets: 25/05/2012
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


“I feel like this is a critical year. This year will probably determine what type of adult I’ll grow to become,” says 16-year-old Ngaa Rauuira. He’s not the only one with his eyes on the future: his entire Maori tribe in New Zealand seem to have focused on the teenager as a beacon of hope. And they are certainly in need of one – young Maori men face crippling statistics of poor education, gangs, prison and suicide rates. Having begun a university degree at 12, he’s now headed to Yale for a summer of study – with his dad in tow. A lot is riding on his success, and with his father footing the extortionate bill, Ngaa Rauuira keenly feels the pressure. But he is nothing, if not focused: as important as it is to walk confidently in the Western world, it’s more important to return – and lead his people out of troubled waters.