Marilyn Stock Car

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Rated U by the BBFC
Marilyn Stock Car Film Poster


Double bill of Wolf Rilla films from the 1950s. In 'Marilyn' (1953), George Saunders (Leslie Dwyer) believes his wife, Marilyn (Sandra Dorne), is having an affair with Tom Price (Maxwell Reed), a mechanic who works at the garage George owns. When Tom unintentionally murders George, Marilyn helps him cover his tracks and they decide to move away for a fresh start. However, their past catches up with them when they meet Nicky Everton (Ferdy Mayne), who becomes suspicious of Tom. In 'Stock Car' (1955), Katie Glebe's (Rona Anderson) father is killed in a stock car race and she subsequently endeavours to maintain his garage business, with the help of American racing driver Larry Duke (Paul Carpenter). However, the business owes money to creditor Turk McNeil (Paul Whitsun-Jones) and the situation is made even worse when Turk's girlfriend, Gina (Susan Shaw), develops an attraction towards Larry.