Marina Monster

  |  Watch Now: 14/04/2011
  |  72 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Marina Monster Film Poster


Earl Molar, an employee at the Center for Inland Waters, is puzzled by the recent and inexplicable depletion of fish from his local marina. As the annual sailing race draws nearer however, Earl discovers that the culprit behind the shortage of fish is a deadly bull shark brought to the marina by a freighter. Furthermore, Earl’s life is complicated by his love for the lovely Oceana Anchor and the meddling of newspaper reporter Lola Dent, who is investigating the finances of Earl’s father, Drip. Now Earl and Oceana, must try to convince their parents, the owners of two local feuding yacht clubs, to listen to their warnings about the now hungry teenage bull shark and stop the vicious attacks before they become its victims!