Mario Bava: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2004
  |  274 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


This collection contains three stylish works by Italian director Mario Bava. 'Black Sunday' (1960), based on the short story, 'The Viy' stars Barbara Steele as Princess Asa, a high priestess of Satan who is executed by having a spiked mask hammered into her face. Before she dies, she vows revenge on the family who killed her and rises from the dead 200 years later to keep her promise. 'Black Sabbath' (1963) contains three horror stories: 'Il Telefono', based on the story by Ivan Chekhov, follows a woman who receives calls from the dead; 'Wurdulak', based on the novella by Aleksei Tolstoy, is about an aging vampire (Boris Karloff) who can only feed on those he loves; and 'La Goccia d'Acqua', based on the story by F.G. Snyder, features Jacqueline Pierreux, who steals a ring from a corpse only to be murdered by the old woman's ghost. Finally, 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much' (1963) stars Leticia Roman as Nora who is visiting her sick aunt in Rome and witnesses a murder.