Marlon Brando Collection

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Five movies starring legendary actor Marlon Brando. 'The Young Lions' (1958) follows the fortunes of three soldiers, one German and two Americans, from the time of their enlistment for World War II to the end of the war. Christian Dietl (Brando) is a German who starts out as a dedicated soldier but gradually becomes appalled by the Nazi movement. The American soldiers (Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin) meet as draftees, one a young Jew and the other an entertainer, and together endure Boot Camp and the campaign to retake France. All three characters finally meet in a confrontation outside a concentration camp. In 'Morituri' (1965), Brando stars in this adaptation of Werner Jeorg Kosa's novel. Set during World War II, an anti-Nazi pacifist on a German freighter (who is seemingly working for the British) turns out to be a double agent who is working for a German spy. 'Viva Zapata' (1952), depicts the rise of the Mexican peasant Emiliano Zapata (Brando), from his role as revolutionary leader to his eventual ascendancy to the Presidency. In 'Sayonara' (1957), Brando is an army major who falls for a Japanese dancer and faces fierce opposition from both the American and the Japanese authorities when he wants to marry her. In 'The Missouri Breaks' (1976), prone to delivering strange monologues, wearing a dress, and taking the occasional bubble bath, 'regulator' Lee Clayton (Brando) is one of the most bizarre creatures ever to walk the West. But when he is hired by rancher David Braxton (John McLiam) to hunt down and kill horse thief Tom Logan (Jack Nicholson) and his gang, he proves devastatingly effective, ruthlessly dispatching each gang member until he comes face-to-face with Logan himself and the two of them battle it out in a final showdown.