Marlon Brando: Studio Stars

  |  Buy to Own: 19/11/2007
  |  512 min
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A set of four films starring Marlon Brando. In 'The Fugitive Kind' (1959), based on the Tennessee Williams play 'Orpheus Descending', Brando plays Val 'Snakeskin' Xavier, a guitar playing drifter who arrives at a small town and gets a job in a store run by Lady Torrance (Anna Magnani), a love-starved woman whose husband Jabe M. Torrance (Victor Jory) is dying of cancer in an upstairs room. Val is pursued by Carol Cutere (Joanne Woodward), the good-time-girl of fine family, who covets his snakeskin jacket as much as his body and tries to seduce him in the cemetery. Val is more interested in Lady Torrance who falls pregnant with his child. Southern high drama ensues. 'The Young Lions' (1958) follows the fortunes of three soldiers, one German and two Americans, from the time of their enlistment for World War Two to the end of the war. Christian Dietl (Brando) is a German who starts out as a dedicated soldier but gradually becomes appalled by the Nazi movement. The American soldiers (Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin) meet as draftees, one a young Jew and the other an entertainer, and together endure Boot Camp and the campaign to retake France. All three characters finally meet in a confrontation outside a concentration camp. The film was nominated for three Oscars. In 'Morituri' (1965), Brando plays Robert Crain, a German living in India during World War II who is blackmailed by the English into impersonating an SS officer on board a cargo ship leaving Japan for Germany carrying a large supply of rubber for tyres. His mission is to disable the scuttling charges so the captain (Yul Brynner) cannot sink the ship if they are stopped by English warships. A film about the conflicts between duty and beliefs, each character is on a mission not of their own choice or making. Elia Kazan's film, 'Viva Zapata' (1952), with a screenplay by John Steinbeck, depicts the rise of the Mexican peasant Emiliano Zapata (Brando), from his role as revolutionary leader to his eventual ascendancy to the Presidency. Anthony Quinn plays Zapata's brother for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award.