Marvel Complete Animation Collection

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An eight-volume set of animated movies based on Marvel Comics characters. In 'Ultimate Avengers - The Movie' (2006), when a nuclear missile was fired at Washington in 1945, Captain America (voice of Marc Worden) saved the world by causing it to detonate it in the upper atmosphere but then he fell miles into the icy depths of the North Atlantic, where he froze in ice for over 60 years. But now, with the world on the brink of annihilation, as sinister forces attempted to seize control of the world, Captain America must rise again as the last hope of survival, and lead a strong-willed team of today's superheroes. In 'Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther' (2006), back to defend the planet against the invasion of aliens, the formidable team of superheroes reunites for another action-packed adventure. The powerful team brings together some of Marvel's cornerstone characters: Captain America (Justin Gross), Iron Man, Giant-Man (Nolan North), Thor (David Boat), Wasp (Grey DeLisle), Black Widow (Olivia d'Abo), the Incredible Hulk (Fred Tatasciore), Bruce Banner and General Nick Fury (Andre Ware). In 'The Next Avengers' (2008), the original Avengers' teenage children decide to become superheroes after their parents are killed by the evil robot, Utron. Trained by the ageing Tony Stark (Tom Kane), James (Noah Crawford), the son of Captain America and Black Widow, Thor's daughter Torunn (Brenna O'Brien), Black Panther's son Azari (Dempsey Pappion), and Pym (Aidan Drummond), the son of Wasp and Giant Man, must now do battle with the same enemy that caused their parents' demise. In 'The Invincible Iron Man' (2007), when billionaire inventor Tony Stark uses break-through technology to physically raise a forgotten city, he awakens an unspeakable evil, giving life to the most vile of all emperors - the Mandarin (Fred Tatasciore). Only one man can stop this newly re-emerged force of evil - The Invincible Iron Man. In 'Doctor Strange' (2007), Dr. Stephen Strange (Bryce Johnson) was one of the most gifted surgeons in medicine before his hands were left shattered and useless as a result of a car crash. Spending his fortune in pursuit of a way to fix his fractured body, the dejected doctor believed all was lost until the 'Ancient One' offered him hope and healing in Tibet. Training mind, body and soul with the Ancient One and his pupils, Doctor Strange's scope, power and compassion grow as he steps closer to his mystical fate. In 'Thor - Tales of Asgard' (2011), the film follows the young Thor (Matthew Wolf) as he sets out with his sorceror brother Loki (Rick Gomez) in search of the legendary Lost Sword of Surtur. But what begins as a harmless treasure hunt soon turns deadly, and Thor must now prove himself a true hero by saving Asgard itself. In the two-parter 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine/Hulk Vs. Thor' (2009), 'The Incredible Hulk' is pitted against formidable foes. In the first part, 'Wolverine' (Steve Blum) is sent by the top secret Canadian 'Department H' to confront The Hulk, who has been marauding across the country, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. The second episode finds The Hulk in Asgard, the realm of the Norse gods. The devious god Loki (Graham McTavish) is planning to bring about the downfall of his stepbrother, the mighty Thor. Taking advantage of the absence of Odin, the King of the Gods, Loki brings in The Hulk to challenge Thor. Finally, in 'Planet Hulk' (2010), betrayed by Earth's heroes and exiled into outer space, the man-monster Hulk (voiced by Rick D. Wasserman) has landed on the distant planet Sakaar, ruled by the tyrannical Red King (Mark Hildreth). After being sold into slavery, Hulk becomes the planet's mightiest gladiator, but his new masters get more than they bargained for.