Mary-Kate And Ashley Collection 2 - Around The World

  |  Buy to Own: 17/10/2005
  |  359 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing four films starring the Olsen twins. In 'Winning London' (2001), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as a pair of North American twins who are sent to London to take part in a United Nations debating symposium. Arriving in the Old World capital, the girls soon embark on a dizzy swirl of sight-seeing, shopping, dancing and hanging-out with boys. In fact, the teenage tourists soon start having so much fun that they risk forgetting why they came to London in the first place. In 'Holiday in the Sun' (2001), Mary-Kate and Ashley return for another adventure. This time the pair are upset to find they can't go to Hawaii with their friends, but they soon cheer up when they discover that they are bound for the Bahamas instead. The lucky twosome have the time of their life - enjoying the sun, surf, and sand, and even chasing after a couple of cute boys - but trouble appears in the form of a pair of crooks who are intent on stealing some antiques. In 'Getting There' (2002), Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as Kylie and Taylor Hunter, twin sisters who celebrate their 16th birthday (and their brand new driving licences) by taking to the road in their bright red vintage Mustang convertible and heading for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. However, when the girls' car is stolen during a stop-off at a roadside diner, all sorts of comic misadventures ensue. Finally, in 'When in Rome' (2002), America's teen sweethearts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as fun-loving twins Leila and Charly Hunter, who land a summer internship with a glamorous entertainment company based in the Italian capital. However, when their internship is suddenly and mysteriously terminated, the girls are determined to find out why - and all manner of adventures, intrigues and romance follow.