Mary Poppins Robin Hood Sleeping Beauty

  |  Buy to Own: 18/11/2002
  |  288 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set of classic Walt Disney films. In 'Mary Poppins' two rather stuffy parents in Victorian London are looking for a nanny, and when their children write their own advertisement it's torn up and thrown into the fire. Miraculously, the paper reassembles and floats up the chimney flue, and along comes Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) on her umbrella/parachute. She brings fun and magic to the children's lives, as well as a guiding hand. In Disney's 'Robin Hood' Robin is a fox, Allan-a-Dale a rooster, Little John a bear, Friar Tuck a badger and the Sheriff of Nottingham a wolf. Robin and his merry band rob from the rich and give to the poor while England is ruled by the corrupt King John (voiced by Peter Ustinov). In 'Sleeping Beauty' a curse visited upon Princess Aurora by the evil fairy Maleficent, has made her fall into a deep and endless sleep since her 16th birthday. Only a kiss from Prince Phillip can wake her, and three good fairies set out to engineer that event.