Mayo Chiki: Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 13/05/2013
  |  325 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 13 episodes of the Japanese anime about a girl-phobic schoolboy who is forced to keep an unusual secret. Jiro suffers from gynophobia, a fear of contact with the female sex, due to his continually being roughed up by his professional wrestler mother and sister. One day, he accidentally learns that Subaru Konoe, the handsome teenage butler of rich classmate Kanade Suzutski, is actually a 'she'. Being an only child, and desperately wanting to continue her family's tradition of serving the Suzutski family, which requires a male butler, Subaru has passed herself off as a boy throughout her school years. With Subaru fearful of losing her job if her secret gets out, Kanade strikes a deal with Jiri; in return for keeping Subaru's secret, Kanade and Subaru will cure Jiri of his phobia. The episodes are: 'End of Earth', 'I Fell in Love!', 'Of Course, in the Bed', 'Don't Stare at Me Like That...', 'Please Go Out With Me', 'Let's Start a War', 'Let's Elope', 'The First Time', 'I'm Travelling for a While', 'Let's Eat', 'Hic!', 'Stray Butler and I - the Chicken' and 'Please Fondle It!'.